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Name:Tron Slash
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This community is dedicated to slash and femslash for Tron - this includes both the 1982 and 2010 films, as well as any comics/video games. Fan fiction, fan art, discussions, picspams, fanmixes, and icons are all welcome here.

The Rules

01. Be respectful. Bashing another person's work or making personal insults is never appropriate. Also, any posts/comments that disparage race, religion, or sexual preference will not be tolerated. Posts or work promoting prejudiced ideals will be deleted, and members who promote these values in comments may be banned without warning. If you touch upon these issues in your posts, please use appropriate warnings.
02. Stay on topic. This community is dedicated to slash and femslash relationships and is not a general discussion community for the film(s), etc.
03. With the 2010 film being so recent, please warn for spoilers. Put all spoilery discussions under a cut and warn for spoilers in your fic headers.
04. Do not make introduction posts.
05. Do not post fic or artwork that you did not create. If you would like to rec someone else's work, please provide a link to their website. If you don't know who the author is, provide a link to the archive were you found the artwork/fic.
06. Have fun!

Posting Guidelines

You may use this sample header below:

* Please include a rating and appropriate warnings for fics. Warnings might include but are not limited to sex, violence, abuse, rape or sex with questionable consent issues, suicide, character deaths, incest, and so on. Please do not warn for "men kissing" or the like. This is a slash comm; these warnings are unnecessary.

* Please use an LJ-cut or link back to your own journal. All art must go behind a cut, save for small (appropriate-if-someone-is-looking-over-your-shoulder) teasers. Please do not post more than 3 icons outside of a cut.

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